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Should I pursue legal action with a personal injury consultant?

Chester, PA |

I was at a get together 2 nights ago. Standing outside on the balcony I was confronted by another man. This man told me I had stolen his property and begun to beat the s*** out of me. He applied such force that I threw up, forcing a retainer (this puts 2 more teeth in my mouth) out of mouth onto the ground below. He also threw several punches and knees to my face along with other general battery. When he finally finished I told him to check for it because I don't have it. 5 minutes later he came back and apologized...barely. After they began to force me to leave... Well I had to still find my 700$ retainer outside on the ground. I was searching for about 10 minutes before the man who assaulted me picked me up and carried me to my car he then continued to smash in my parents car windshield

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I think Yes -

Assault and property damage are recognized tort claims. I do not have all of the facts of course, but it sounds as though you were physically harmed and there was no legal justification for it -

some lawyers may be reluctant to accept your case because of the potential limitation of damages - but you can always pursue a claim at your local magistrates office as well

I hope this help

good luck

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You might have a case, there are a multitude of issues that would need to be examined, such as liability on the part of where the incident took place, my suggestion is consult with a personal injury attorney to determine whether to pursue this claim.

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You should make sure you receive medical treatment for your injuries. Yes, you should consult with a personal injury attorney. Part of the problem will likely be collecting any judgment you get because it is highly unlikely that there is any liability insurance policy that covers his behavior.


Consult with an experienced personal injury case to further investigate and evaluate your case. Good luck.


You need to contact a lawyer. You can file a claim for assault in civil court and claim compensatory and punitive damages. Take pictures of everything and collect the names of any witnesses. I would also report it to the police.


You may have an assault case. Please contact an attorney


Yes. Avvo has a terrific "find a lawyer" tool to find a top-rated Avvo lawyer with a low contingency fee within a couple miles of your home. Good luck.


Interesting and horrible scenario. I pray you heal both physically and mentally. There are some interesting forces converging here. The person who beat you, do they have any means to satisfy a potential judgment, as yes, you can sue them? Secondly, what kind of get together was this, and did the person or entity having it know something like this was possible? You should get a free consult with a personal injury attorney, give them everything you know about the assailant and the events, and listen long and hard to their suggestions.

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