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Should I post a "Swim at your own risk" sign on my dock/waterfront area?

Goffstown, NH |

All summer, every summer, I have many friends, and their children' visit my dock (& floating raft about 25', "out") for swimming,boating, skiing, ect... Would it behoove me to post a warning sign? And if so, what form should such a sign take? A friend suggested this might cause potential issues, as it could be seen as an invitation to use my lakefront, without decreasing any potential for liabillity.

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Yes. New Hampshire has a unique statute that actually provides some protection to property owners who do in fact post their property. That is why if you hike or drive around the state you see the no trespassing signs. Yes, by all means post the property. AND also make sure you are insured against the risk, just in case.

The actual language you want to use is "Do Not Trespass". They sell these signs in most hardware and home repair stores in NH. If you want to also post a "Swim at your own risk" sign that's fine.

I do not see how a warning sign is going to encourage anyone.

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