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Should I plead not guilty to my first offense of underage drinking?

Bethlehem, PA |

Hello I am 20 years old and was recently cited with an underage drinking offense. I was playing music at a moderate volume in my own home around 1 am on a Thrusday. Then four police officers knocked on the door and cited me and 2 of my roommates. There were 5 people in my house at the time, 2 of which are over 21. Also, I blew a .09 and this is my first offense. I do not mind going to ARD and paying a fine but having my license suspended will be a difficult issue for me. Furthermore, I would like to know if pleading not guilty and going to court will actually be more trouble then simply pleading guilty and dealing with the punishment.

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Before you do anything make sure you talk with an attorney. ARD may not be the best outcome for you in this case as this particular charge can be expunged when you turn 21 if you are even guilty of this. There is many things that you would want to talk to an attorney about so you know what your options are and also any defenses that you may have.


A plea will result in a conviction and a 90 day license suspension if this is your first offense. It is suggested that you retain a criminal defense attorney who may be able to resolve the case in a favorable manner. Good luck.


Do not plea anything unless you talked with an attorney...

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