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Should I not have talked to the police after a car accident?

Dallas, TX |

After the police showed up following a car accident, I'm worried I might have been too forthcoming with what I thought happened, and should have instead just stuck to the facts. Can this be used against me in any trial?


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If you file a civil case against the other driver, your statements to the police can be used against you. If you said something to the police that has nothing to do with the accident, your attorney can always try to exclude part of the statement from trial, so that the jury will not hear it. Whether part of your statement can be excluded depends on the specific facts.

Since the statement was already made, and there isn't anything you can do to change it, you should try not to worry about it. Eventually, if there is a lawsuit, you will likely have an opportunity to explain what you meant in your statements to the police.


Anything you say to the police could be used in your favor or against you, depending on what you said. If you believe you may have said too much to the officer, then I suggest you get an attorney.

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