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Should I need to fill out I-864 for my sister if I am not currently working?

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My fiance is willing to help me but we don't know which forms should we use. We live together but I am not his dependent. We don't file taxes together. I am not sure if he can fill out an I-864 A or I-864 as a joint sponsor. I am unemployed since April 2013. Please help!!

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Yes. The fiance needs his own I864 as well.

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If you petitioned for your sister, you have to file the I-864 no matter what.


You will only need to file for an I-864 for your sister if you are her original petitioner AND if her priority date is now current and she is able to file for an immigrant visa at a US consulate abroad or an I-485 if currently in the US. Given that you do not seem to meet the i-864's financial requirements you will need to find a co-sponsor. Your fiancé, while not a "household member" by your own description, can nevertheless serve as the co-sponsor, provided he meets the financial requirements.

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If you are the petitioner you must complete the I 864 with all required documentation even if you are unemployed. The co sponsor or household member will need to complete the proper forms and file the appropriate documents as well.Read the instructions for each form carefully or retain an experienced immigration attorney to assist you.