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Should I just pay up the GA super speeder ticket?

Decatur, IL |

I received a GA super speeder ticket before Jan 1, but since I hadn't paid it, I think I got the super speeder fee added. I got scared by all those websites saying the super speeder is a misdemeanor conviction that appears on your record and will show up in background checks and basically got stuck in a holding / protest / civil disobedience pattern. Now I'm getting the feeling those guys just wanted to make some $$$ by overstating the gravity of the conviction. Is it possible that misdemeanor or no, it's still just a traffic incident and will be treated that way by background check viewers in the future? Do I need to get a lawyer and see if they can do some negotiations for me? Is it too late, and should I just pay up? Court date passed a long time ago.

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If a non-GA resident does not pay the Super Speeder fine, the GA DDS imposes a suspension of the non-resident driving privilege in Georgia. The DDS is required to report all suspensions imposed upon non-residents to the customer's state of residence. In your case IL would then decide what additional action to take here, if any.

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It would be beneficial for you to hire an attorney in the County where you got the ticket. It is sometimes possible that the attorney could get the case placed back on the calendar for you and negotiate a lower speed which would not trigger the super speeder provision. The super speeder is actually an administrative fee that is assessed separate and apart from the fine that goes to the court and occurs after the case is complete. Believe it or not, every speeding under Ga state law is a misdemeanor punishable by 12 months in jail and $1000 fine. Failure to appear in GA can result in your privilege to drive in GA to be suspended which could affect your driving privileges in Illinois. It is best to stop ignoring the issue and see if an attorney can handle it for you. It may save you a great deal of time, travel and worry.

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Kim Keheley Frye


It is likely you will not be able to renew your Illinois license because of your failure to appear. Therefore you should contact a Ga. attorney to bring the ticket back to court for disposition.