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Should I have to get s health insurance, even if my job is temporary?

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I'm currently working as a temporary employee for a company and I don't have health insurance. Is it mandatory for me to get a health insurance? My income is not too much, (around 2000 per month), but someone told me that if I don't get insurance, I will have to pay a penalty when I fill my taxes next year. May I remain uninsured?

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Hahaha, healthcare. Yes it was nice wasn't it? HAVING it all and what not? I'm sorry but this is my problem with our country (among others) - but WE DENY CARE AND LIFE TO THOSE WHO CAN'T AFFORD IT?!?!? Where has the humanity gone.

Anyhow, I'm no expert here but I'm pretty hip to you situation because (1) I haven't had anything above a nickel and dime policy which pretty much only covers me if I enter through the ER (fortunately or not that's the only way I've entered the hospital), meaning it's pretty much THE WORST POSSIBLE INSURANCE, every prescription out of pocket, you know the drill. Well I own Carter Pek, my law firm, half anyway, and before that I started an organic cocoa business and was CEO and everything else, and I can tell you this, as a lawyer who knows the law, or entrepreneur who can't afford to get insurance for their employees (much less themselves) - the short answer I should've begun with is this - and hey I could be wrong, I just NEVER heard of this, and my father is pretty much top 10 radiologists in the world, sister a nurse, etc. I HAVEN'T HAD HEALTH INSURANCE (short of those cracker jack box ones, which get you nothing), THERE IS NO LAW ON THE BOOKS THAT I KNOW OF OR EVER HEARD OF THAT WOULD SUPPORT YOUR CONCERN. Your bigger concern should be your health! And don't believe everything you hear, ESP not at work!

(If you're still concerned, contact me, I'll call my familiy, M.D., and will have an airtight definitive answer for you by the time you reach out.

Don't stress about this, ... these days we all have quite enough like it or not. Take care of yourself and you'll be just fine. Or call me and we'll see dr. dad has to say about it :)


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Thanks, Will do :)


It would be a good idea. Hopefully Obamacare in Jan 2014 will make it cheaper.


I have sat through several seminars on the new healthcare laws and how it may affect us and the best information I received was from our health care agent. I'd suggest you contact someone who sells health insurance and ask. Whatever answer they give you ask for the basis of the information in writing (basically what the law states so you an double check it).

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