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Should i have an attorney fight this case? Is there a case to be fought?

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Hi my name is Jane i have a niece who has been on probation for 4 years since she was 13. The reason she was put on probation was she had a dine and dash case and she has a petty theft record. She was placed on probation and no one had contacted her for about a year and a half. Her case had been transfered about 3 times until a probation officer wanted to meet with her. She recently got caught at school with a grinder, and her principal called her p.o. Since then Ms.Lee has been testing her urine, and it continues to be dirty. She has not got into any contact with police. Her probation never requested that she got pee tested until that incident. She has finished highschool with a diploma and has 2 jobs. She is ready to start college and she wants to know if she goes to a college in a diff

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So long as your niece is on probation, it would not be advisable for her to leave the jurisdiction. Be sure to consult your own attorney to protect your legal rights.


Hi Jane,

It is difficult to answer your question without further details. Who was your niece's lawyer back when she was placed on probation? Is your niece 18 yet? Does she have a future court date at the Youth Guidance Center? Feel free to contact me at 415-782-6000 or e-mail me at if you want to discuss this matter further.

Adam G. Gasner


Whether to fight this case is Jane's choice not yours. If she wants to fight it yes she will need an attorney.