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Should i go in person to tell my probation officer of a probation violation or via telephone

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i am in probation in williamson county and got arrested for dwi in travis, what should i tell my robation officer, and should it be in person or via telephone. is there any chance she would not report my violation in williamson county

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Either way as long as you get it done. Best would be in person, but if difficult to get in to see her, call her. By the way, you only have 15 days to request an administrative hearing on your DWI. That is your defense attorneys first opportunity to collect evidence from the state and could also be beneficial in your probation to avoid revocation. Consult with a DWI/DUI defense attorney immediately. All is not lost. Don't give up. Good Luck

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thank you sir, that might be crucial in this particular case.

Bart Charles Craytor

Bart Charles Craytor


It is crucial in EVERY case.


In person would improve your chances of her not reporting,


In Williamson county you stand almost zero chance of it not being reported. The better question is "What will she report?" She is going to report the DWI but along with that she can report that you were up front and honest about it and told her as quickly as possible as required by your conditions of probation. She can also then report that she believes that you should be given time to resolve the DWI, assuming there is a chance you can get it dismissed, before probation takes any further action.
You need to discuss this matter with the attorney handling the DWI in Travis County. Hopefully they are experienced in Williamson County also and will be able to work both sides of this case. I have had good luck getting Williamson County probation to hold off on filing a motion to revoke probation in the past. Even if you can't get them to delay you can control how things proceed.

The most important thing I tell my clients on probation in Williamson County is to be honest with your probation office and tell them about things as quickly as possible. If you wait for your next meeting she is going to find out about it from someone else. If you call at least you are the one telling her.


I think you should hire an attorney experienced in Travis and Williamson Counties. Your attorney is the best person to notify your probation officer.

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