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Should I give a 3-day "pay or quit" notice or do something else?

Fullerton, CA |

I allowed a "friend" to sub-let a room from me. (with LL permission) I wrote up a 30 day lease, with a renewal every 30 days unless either of us gives the other a 30 day notice. After finding evidence that he was essentially stealing from me, I gave a 30 day notice that I would not be renewing the lease and asked him to leave in 30 days. His rent is due on the last day of the month. I gave him this notice on the 1st of the month. He had not paid his rent and has stated he does not plan to. He also stated he was going to "take me to court" and "bring hell into my life". So, should I give him a 3 day pay or quit or just ride out the first notice? Also, is there anything else I should do/look out for?
Also, he was unemployed when I rented him the room (for 1/6th the true value) and still is.

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If he has not paid the rent, then he is in violation of the terms of the lease and you can give him a three day notice. If he does not pay, then you can move to evict him. That is at least a quicker process.

If he was stealing from you, you might want to report it to the police. His being arrested would be an even quicker way of getting him out.


I agree with my colleague.