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Should i get payed for time off ? if so from who ?

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i was injured at work 6 weeks ago and filed a claim with workers comp ins. and have been going to the doctor . since my first visit they have released me to work with resrtrictions. my employer has decided not to work me at all in the past 6 weeks.

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If you are a Federal employee and you have an accepted claim and the weight of the medical evidence supports that you are disabled and your employer has no suitable light duty work, you could be entitled to compensation for lost wages once the Continuation of Pay (COP) runs out at the end of 45 days. You should file Form CA 7 to claim the compensation.


Workers Compensation is state specific. As such, the ultimate answer is based upon the state you were injured. In Florida, if you have been treating with an authorized workers' compensation physician who has given you work restrictions and your employer has no position available within your restrictions, then you are eligible for temporary partcial disability (TPD).

You are paid a percentage of what you earned before the accident. As this is less than what you normally earn, you have a built in incentive to return to a full duty capacity.


You may need the services of an attorney who practices Federal Workers Compensation Law. Most attorneys however who practice state workers' compensation case do not also handle Federal matters. The good news is that even if you cannot find a local attorney to help you, Federal Workers Compensation attorneys can practice in any state. Feel free to
contact which is a website for employee only attorneys. I only know a few in the southeast. Good Luck!

Evan in FLA

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