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Should I get married sooner if I'm in the middle of a child custody case?

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I am in the middle of a child custody case of my young son. I got engaged this year but did not plan on getting married until I completed my college degree. I was told by one lawyer that I should get married sooner as it would look better in court. My fiance does not stay with me but stays over most weekends. He has been around the child in question since I was seven month pregant and help with the upkeep. Is being engaged at this time a bad thing?

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You said you were told by one lawyer. That implies that you don't have one. The absolute single worst thing you can do in a custody case is represent yourself. Being a pregnant unwed mother to be with a fiance staying over weekends also looks bad and likely the lawyer you hire will make suggestions as to that.


Be very careful about "why" you do what you are suggesting. The motivation, the people, the end-results are going to be waaay beyond the "legal" issues you might be inquiring about. As a former guardian-ad litem for the domestic courts of Richmond Co. ( I do NOT represent parties) I would say deciding to marry, move or temporarily change a life-style to manipulate circumstances to make yourself "look" better could be a terrible mistake on several counts. Marry for love. Fight for children because being with you and embracing the life-style you offer will be better for the child. Get a great domestic lawyer, who perceives both the law and these matters and who can communicate your heart to the judge and you should be just fine.

I am an attorney, practicing throughout the state of Georgia, but primarily in the areas around Augusta, Statesboro and Savannah, Georgia. You may review more information about my practice by going to: The information I am providing you should only be considered for your general knowledge and educational purposes. Consider it as a good first step in your knowledge acquisition, but not as legal advice. Indeed, any information I provide is based on the extremely limited facts you have provided and new facts could substantially alter any answer or reply. My opinion should be understood to apply only to the laws of the State of Georgia. You should always consult with a local attorney about your situation if you live outside of the State of Georgia.

Ikemesit Amajak Eyo

Ikemesit Amajak Eyo


I would add to this answer... the decision regarding custody is based on what is in the child's best interest. That is determined after hearing everything provided by BOTH parents. It is not possible to give reasonable advice about your chances without knowing a whole lot more about what both of you have to say. But regardless of that, custody is not a reason for marriage. Like Mr. Yong said... MARRY FOR LOVE. (Do it when you're ready; not to manipulate a court case.)


While the ideal situation would be to marry for completely different reasons than you suggest, the truth is Judges take the bench with their own set of values and biases. Hopefully, you will get advice from an experienced attorney who regularly practices in front of the Judge who is assigned to your case. That attorney should be able to give you some insight into that Judge's values and biases. Nothing predicts the future better than history.

I am exclusively a family law attorney, practicing primarily in the metro Atlanta, Georgia trial courts. However, I handle appeals from anywhere in Georgia.

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