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Should I get legal representation for my 17 yr old daughter how is being charged with a minor and open bottle in Minnesota

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she was a passenger in the car, her friend was driving she was drinking, my daughter had drank earlier and when Driver was stopped the driver is the only one that had a container, the police did a breath test on my daughter and the other friend in the car, the driver was charged with DWI and my daughter and other passengers got minors and open bottle.

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It is always advised that anyone charged with an offense should seek representation. Ann attorney can help explain the process, review and research for potential defenses, and negotiate for the best possible resolution (which in your daughter's case would be resolving the case without it resulting in a conviction).

I wish you both the best of luck.

Andrew Leone


Hello. I urge that your daughter have attorney assistance throughout, and the sooner the better. Your daughter's attorney will discuss the detailed facts and she/he will provide legal counsel and advice to your daughter. All the best to you and your family.

Minnesota licensed attorney


Those are relatively minor crimes, but they are crimes. I would suggest a goal of keeping her juvenile court and drivers license records clean. It might be possible to do that without a lawyer representing her, if she knows what to do, and what to say (and not say) to the prosecutor. Unrepresented, there is a risk she will misunderstand or fail in the effort to keep her record clean. Having a criminal defense lawyer represent her should maximize the likelihood of success, and eliminate the possibility of misunderstanding. If it's important, then it's worth it to get help from a lawyer to level the playing field.


Although a minor offense, it can have rather serious long term repercussions in certain career fields. Aggressive representation is necessary. If she has no prior record, it may be possible to avoid a conviction with a Stay of Prosecution.

Maury D. Beaulier
Attorney at Law

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