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Should I get an expungement for "Issuing a Worthless check" charge on my background check from 1999?

Pompano Beach, FL |

I was not charged with anything. The disposition says "NOELLE PROSSE VALUE". The offense date was 9/13/1999 and the disposition date is 9/28/2001.I do not want it to prevent me from doing my clinicals as an occupation therapy assistant. My program for school had to be deferred for 4 months so that I can take care of this. My school told me about this a week before my core program has started which was april 24 2013. They found out about it in June of 2012 and I have been going to school this whole year for this major. I was even on a 6 month waiting list to get into the program. Should i take any legal action?

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That is going to stay on your record for the rest of your life. It is a crime of "moral turpitude" which most employers will decline to offer a job to a person with such a prior record. If you do not have any convictions on your record, you can get this record expunged.

Why spend the money on school if you are going to be denied a job because of your past arrest?

Get it cleared up.

Call me or check out my web site if you have any additional questions.

Good luck.


Yes, you should get this record expunged so that colleges or grad schools cannot see this prior unfortunate event. It can take 6 months depending on how backed up FDLE is in issuing the certificate of eligibility. Call an attorney in the county in which it occurred that handles expungments and get it done. You don't want to deal with this going forward with school, work, loans, credit, etc. Put it behind you now.


I agree with my colleagues and recommend that you have it expunged. I would also add that IF you are pursuing a career in Florida that requires any sort of health care licensing, you will still have some barriers to overcome to secure that licensing as they have a mandatory disclosure requirement. This means that even if you have your record expunged, you'll need to address it with the licensing board before the agree to give you a license.

Best of luck! If you have any further questions or concerns about expungement, feel free to check out our website at or you are welcome to message me through avvo.

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If the case was nolle prossed, or dismissed, and you have no convictions on your record AND you have never sealed or expunged a record before, you should expunge this arrest.

The expungement process is taking around 6-8 months these days.

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