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Should I get an attorney for blowing a stop sign?

Pasco, WA |

I am in a program that stipulates no tickets for a year. I didn't make it. what can I do now?

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Yes, your best chance of defeating the ticket is by hiring an attorney. There are many potential defenses to traffic tickets, but you will need someone who handles them regularly. There should be several in your area, and they will likely discuss it with you for no charge initially.
Good luck!


Your options depend on what kind of program this is. Either way you'll probably need to get the attorney to help you with it.

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If you were on a "deferred" and are found to have "committed" another offense, your deferred is destroyed. That means that the original infraction and the new one both hit your driving record at the same time. Hire a lawyer on the new one right away. If you beat the new one, it saves the old one too.


You should probably get an attorney to assist you in contesting the infraction and with handling the fallout the infraction may cause in your other case.