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Should I get a written withdrawal of "10 day notice of termination" of my apartment rental agreement?

Tempe, AZ |

I and my room-mate were provided with a "10 day notice of termination" for material breach of the rental agreement for a specific reason. So, my room mate went to the leasing office and spoke to couple of employees over there. It was then mutually agreed by them to disregard the notice. They did this by tearing up original termination notice.

I wasn't sure this was enough since the notice said there wouldn't be any further notices from the leasing office and that we would have to vacate our rental apartment in 10 days or fix the issue stated in the notice; Else, they would start something called "unlawful detainer" proceedings.

If I write up a statement of withdrawal, what kind of information should be added for it to be legally valid? Is any leasing office's employee signature valid?

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You should not have to do anything if the leasing office has "torn up" the original notice since that would have been the proof of the basis for termination of the lease and then eviction (legally called "forcible entry and detainer"). If you would like to be extra safe, you could ask for a short note from the leasing office on their letterhead saying that the notice dated ____ has been withdrawn. If you want to write that note yourself, that is really what you need to focus on - identifying by date the notice that was issued and that it has been withdrawn accompanied by a signature from someone with authority to sign from the leasing office.


No need. It's not a court document.

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