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Should I get a work comp attorney after w/c denied physical therapy after surgery?

Modesto, CA |

I had Carpal Tunnel Release on January 19th and was released back to work on February 8th with a lot of restrictions. Work said they can't accomidate me and sent me back on Disability. My doctor ordered 12 Physical Therapy Visits to help my hand, but workers compensation denied 10 of them, and only approved two. Should I get an attorney?

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Yes. The Governor of this state knows better than the doctors and put a limitation on the amount of physical therapy that is allowed on an injury. 24 visits. Often time an attorney can negotiate with the insurance adjuster to approve more in the hope that you get better.


I would recommend you consult a good workers' comp attorney. Under the present law, your workers' comp carrier can send any treatment request to utilization review. This is very unfair as a doctor who has not seen you and probably not spoken to your doctor reviews the request and makes a decision as to whether or not you need the treatment. Your doctor can request an additional 12 visits and maybe get 2 more approved. He can then request 12 more....and so on. Utilization Review has some very strict time limits and if those are not met by the insurance company, you may be able to get all 12 visits. Consult a good comp attorney.

There are some excellent comp attorneys in Modesto area. Find a good one here at www.avvo com or at CAAA is the association for attorneys who represent injured workers here in California. Or you can call me for a referral.

Good luck.