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Should i get a lawyer for a speeding ticket?

Silver Spring, MD |

i received a speeding ticket on 8/20/10. I was going 80 mph in a 65mph area. The due date to pay the ticket is on 10/19/10. should i just pay the ticket?

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Attorney answers 3


The simple answer is NO, do not just pay the ticket. The implications are too enduring. Take time off, got to court. If you have a clean record, that helps you and you might get the ticket speed and points REDUCED. You MIGHT save points, a record, the implications of 80, and just might get some sunshine. If your record is bad or even compromised in any way, or if you have a CDL license or must drive for a living, DEFINITELY consult with an attorney, pronto. Dress appropriately. Be respectful. Do not make excuses or try to sell some evasive justification . . . the court/judge has heard it all. As well, be truthful to the attorney, or if unrepresented to the judge . . . your record is readily available to the judge on-line, AFTER you are found guilty, if you are. If the judge asks you about your records and you say it is clean, no points, etc. and the record shows you are not being truthful, you will be both embarrassed, and very, very sorry. Toast. If you hold any sensitive governmental position, or have a security clearance, get a lawyer. I have has NASA, CIA, other agencies, as well as commercial drivers, and there are always, always, always, special needs which come into play in how to approach the trial on even simple traffic matters. 80 is not simple; 65 and 70, maybe . . . 80, no.


An addition point (to the excellent points that Mr. Fick raised) is that an attorney may be aware of procedural and constitutional issues regarding the mounting of your defense that you may not be aware of. They are too many to list here. If you are in Silver Spring, you may wish to know that the MoCo bench (if you were ticketed there) has a reputation for severity on speeding tickets but Mr. Fick's advice holds as sound throughout the state.


No, don't pay if you have a defense.