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Should I get a lawyer

Toledo, OH |

I got drunk, blacked out, and damaged a car. The police report states $600 worth of damages.
The insurance company assesed the car and reported $2500.00 in damages to the owner.

The owner of the vehicle is as shocked as I am that this occurred. He doesn't want to press charges. I have no priors & it wasn't done maliciously.

His insurance is covering the damages. I paid his deductable. I am also repaying the insurance company.

He is willing to write a statement that he doesn't want to press charges & I have proof that I am paying for the damages.

I am attending AA, receiving counseling & doing community service on my own.

Do I have a shot at having the charges dropped?

This is extremely out of my charector & am taking getting help from AA & counseling very serious.

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Yes you should,

Stop publicly making statements about what happened and contact a lawyer immediately.
The answers to many of your questions are, it depends. It depends on where you got charged, who the prosecutor is, who the judge is. All these things matter.
many times it does not matter what the victim wants to do, especially if the police have enough evidence to go without the victims testimony.

Ammar Alo, Esq.

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You should contact a criminal defense lawyer; most offer free consultations.

Good for you for paying his deductable, for paying the insurance company, and for going to AA. Definitely document everything--get receipts for your payments and get a piece of paper stamped at AA meetings.

If criminal charges are filed, immediately contact a criminal defense lawyer. You should also refrain from posting anything online or talking about it; what you say can and will be used against you in court.

I have written two articles that may be of interest to you. “How to choose a lawyer” ( and “How an Ohio criminal defense lawyer tackles a case” (

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This is a serious situation. You should get a lawyer as soon as possible.


Please, for your own sake, think about what your sending out over the internet. NOTHING you say here is confidential. None of us are your lawyer.

Use the internet to get info on lawyers you wish to consider to help you. Your time will be better spent. You need a good lawyer. That is the best advice you're going to get for free online.


I agree with Attorney Alo. Retain counsel if you haven't done so already.

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Retain a criminal defense lawyer and don't confess your sins on Avvo.

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I agree with the responding attorneys. I would recommend that you hire an attorney as soon as possible. On a separate note, Avvo is not a confidential forum, so I would advise you to keep this information between you and your attorney.


I agree, find a qualified attorney in your area on Avvo.

Mike Walker


Yes you should.

Jim Mitchell Medley

Jim Mitchell Medley


I agree with his concurrence.