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Should I get a lawyer ?

Clay City, IL |

my girlfriend ansd I attending a local bar to hear a band. When we left we was followed out by some girl that had problems with mine. To make a long story short her and a girl that works at this bar jumped her causeing alot of medical damages not to mention my girlfriend has a lumbar fusion in her back. I tried to break it up and since they let whoever in there carry bottles outside the planned attack, when I tried to stop the jumping more than one girl on my girlfriend to break it up I was hit with a bottle from behind and kicked and hit by at least 3 or more individuals. This bar has no security nor do they monior all the people that take there glass bottles outside . One of the girls that was involved was working that night as a server behind the bar, she sit on my girlfriend while the other one beat her head in the concrete . People was called and they took her by ambulance and I had med treatment as well

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Perhaps you should get a lawyer but first you need to take care of your injuries. Hopefully the police were called.


YES, you should get a lawyer. If an employee of the bar was one of the people involved in injuring your girlfriend, then it is possible that the bar can be held accountable for the conduct of it's employee. This depends upon a lot of specific facts.

Start with a confidential, free consultation with an experienced accident attorney. I would be happy to discuss this with you further.

Steven A. Sigmond
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You and your girlfriend definitely have a case against the bar for inadequate security, as well as against the individuals who assaulted her and you.

This is a typical case scenario--unfortunately, it happens often--and I would want to talk with both of you in detail about what occurred.

Both of you may also have what is called a dram shop case against the bar if the patrons who committed the assault were served by and caused to become intoxicated by the bar.

Definitely, complete a police report, take photos of any visible injuries, and do not talk to anyone about this (Internet included).

Get medical treatment and follow up if required.

Contact a lawyer as soon as you can in your area.

I am not local to you but would be happy to discuss your options and may be able to help both of you.

Stephen L. Hoffman
Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC
Chicago, IL

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Sadly, the answer is yes. While health comes first, contact an attorney asap. There might be certain steps that should to be taken to preserve evidence. Also, make a police report. Sorry to hear about you misfortune, good luck.


Yes, find an attorney. You and your girlfriend have a claim against the bar and the individuals that attacked you. Your attorney will file a claim with the insurance carrier for the bar. Make sure to hang on to any medical records and bills for your attorney. Feel free to contact me to discuss.

Louis J. Meyer
Offices in Chicago, Peoria & Rockford

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