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Should I file WOM?

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We got married in 2006. Applied for my green card and failed the first interview! After That I didn't do anything and I got a court date to see a judge. I hired a lawyer and everything was ok, The judge sent my case back to the office and then they asked me for an interview. I went to the interview with my wife and the officer was so nice she said she needed more evidence to approve my case, I told her I can't get anything in my name cause I don't have an ID, everything in my wife's name. She didn't tell me anything! What should i do now! The case is pending! I don't know if I need to file all over again or to file an appeal or WOM.... Please Help.

WOM: writ of mandamus. That what I've been told. My Lawyer took a lot of money from me and in the court he sent me one of his employees. She didn't know what she was doing I was telling her what she should tell the judge! I need to hire another lawyer but first I want to know what's the best option! Thanks

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I have no idea what you mean by WOM.

But, I do know that if you were smart enough to get a lawyer to help with the immigration judge, you should continue to be smart and have your lawyer help provide the additional evidence of your relationship that they are asking for.

This is not the time to be "penny wise, but pound foolish".

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I too have no idea what you mean by WOM. If your current attorney isn't helping you and asnwering your questions perhaps it is time for a second opinion.


What exactly is WOM? Even if you do not have sufficient documents, you may provide a reasonable explanation for the lack of some of them. However, if you have a good attorney, he or she will be able to offer evidence of your good faith marital relationship.

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If you are in court you do not want to file a wom. You need a competent attorney to get you a work permit and ID so you can get joint documents.