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Should i file for supervised visitation?

Hickory, NC |

My son just turned two this past May and his father has seen him four times since his birth. The last time he saw him was March of 2013 before he moved to Texas but before then the last time he had visited was June 2012. He now claims to be moving back to NC and is saying he is going to 'take his son and that I'll never see him again.' I do not and have not kept him from seeing our son but feel uncomfortable with him taking him anywhere due to his threats. He also has no experience with children, babies and toddlers in particular, never has changed a diaper, given a bath, etc. I am not sure that it is even worth spending the money on a lawyer to have vitiation established due to his lack of contact but I'm worried he may try to take him to another state one day and I'll have to then.

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Consult with a local family law attorney. Determine if his threats give rise to a motion for emergency custody; if so, file a lawsuit for custody and child support with a motion for the emergency custody. If not just for custody and child support. When you attend mediation ask for an acclimation period which includes supervised visitation for a reasonable amount of time. If you cannot resolve the matter in mediation, you will need a trial. Ask the attorney for more detailed information

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