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Should i file for DACA ? what is your opinion about my case and DACA cases in general?

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My situation is : I was brought to the U.S as a 5 month old baby on visa, lived here all my life , i have medical records(0-5), school records, transcripts,report cards(since Kg-HS) and i have no criminal record .

What do to do if i can't find enough evidence to meet the 5 year requirement?

I am having difficulty finding proof that I've been here for 5 consecutive years and on jun 15, 2012 . I have exhausted all of my resources , i only have 2 years covered (by HighSchool) and only 1 more by receipts( just a couple) , i believe i have 3/5 years covered. My only option, is affidavits ,which i'm told USCIS rarely takes into account .

Do acceptances vary much from case to case? or is it as fierce as i think it is, one,two,and three must be present or no approval.

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I agree with my colleague, affidavits cannot be the only evidence you have to prove that you have been physical present, but when evidence is taken into the aggragate affidavits can be very helpful, especially depending upon who provides the affidavit.

I would recommend discussing this more fully with an immigration attorney it is part of their job to find evidence that you may not think is helpful or you do not consider at all. But in light of your facts there does not appear any reason that you should not apply for DACA however an attorney will be able to advise you more specifically. Good luck.


I disagree that CIS rarely takes affidavits into account. In conjunction with other evidence, affidavits can be very helpful in bridging some gaps in time. The best advice is to retain counsel and fully discuss your history. A four paragraph post doesn't give any of us a good feel for who you are and therefore we can't identify potential evidence avenues.


Affidavits can strengthen the case but they should contain sufficient information. I do recommend you work with an attorney.

Dhenu Savla, Esq.
SwagatUSA, LLC

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