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Should I contest seat belt violation?

i live in Houston Texas. My belt got stuck that's why I wasn't wearing it.

i got pulled over , the first time in my life. I told the officer that. She didn't give me a warning but a ticket.

later she told me to put on my seat belt.I told her its stuck.

both of us spend several minutes trying to break it free. Still it came only half way through.I had to squeeze myself.

the time was 7:30 in the morning and I was rushing to work.

At that time I couldn't even find a workshop to get it fixed.

It's not fair as I have been driving really carefully all my life and I didn't pose threat to anyone but me.

The fine is not updated in the system yet, but they say it will be approx $200.

that's too much and I cant afford ..

what should I do?

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