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Should I consult with a real estate attorney before closing on my house?

Longview, WA |

I'm planning on buying a home without a real estate agent. I was wondering if I should have a real estate attorney review the contract before I go through with it.


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Definitely. Real estate agents are best to a buyer when finding a home or determining price. Attorneys are better at reviewing and writing contracts. If you can get a lesser price because no agent is involved, speak to an attorney. For a relatively modest fee, you will make sure that you do not fall into any bad legal situations. Good luck.

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Definitely is correct. There are many technical details and problems that can arise in any real estate transaction. A non-laywer does not know what to look for as potential problems and does not know what is missing that might be needed in a contract from just reading one. Every transaction is different and so the theory that there is a "standard form" and it should be ok is a very foolish theory. Spend a little extra with a real estate lawyer so you will have peace of mind and can be protected. Realtors can not come close to having the knowledge of all the legal implications which a real estate lawyer knows about real estate contracts. Sometimes a real estate lawyer can show you where you can save some money (such as changing some expense over to be paid by the other party or even by seeing an indication of a problem and using that as opportunity to call the realtor and get into the resale issue. Robert


Th e short answer is yes. If no agent was involved who did the paperwork and who is paying for title insurance ? There are many ways to mess this up pay a little now and have some peace of mind.
Good Luck

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