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Should I challenge my speeding ticket?

Bakersfield, CA |

This is the second infraction within the year for going over the speed limit. First infraction I took traffic school to keep off of my record. I would really like to keep my record clean and am wondering about how I should challenge the ticket. The radar caught me going 77 in a 55 mph zone, I was driving in a passing lane, on a upgrade which quickly followed a downhill slope. I was actually following a few other cars that were ahead of me. This happened in Taft California in Kern County. How many points would this be, how much would it increase my insurance, is it fair to say I could beat it in court by myself and what would be the over all cost to hire a lawyer and if so would my record stay clean if proven not guilty. Thank you for your response.

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Yes you should fight your traffic ticket. You have nothing to lose but increased insurance costs. I believe an attorney who deals with traffic tickets on a daily basis is worth your time. Just had a case in Kern Co., exact situation as yours,- case was dismissed. It requires 2 appearances to go to trial. Can you take that much time off? With an attorney- you never have to go to court. An attorney might be able to get your ticket dismissed, or reduced to a non point moving violation. course no guarantee that this will happen every time- but you stand a better chance with an attorney. There is of Going over 20 mph of posted speed is not something you want to fool around with. Call me with further questions

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I agree with the above answer. Having to take the day off work to come to court can often be more expensive than just hiring an attorney. Additionally, there are defenses to speeding when using a radar and an experienced traffic ticket attorney will be familiar with them. Hire a lawyer who is familiar with Kern County Traffic Tickets.

Good luck!