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Should i call the police on my co-worker

Jamaica, NY |

i've been working with this girl for three months now. She's told the boss a lot of lies about everyone who works here. No one at our job likes her and out of everyone she hates me the most because i was the one who found out what she was doing. anyways, the other day she was sweeping and she started sweeping all the dust on to me. she did this more then twice so i told the boss to play back the video and see what shes doing and fire her or im going to call the police and the boss writes us both up and does nothing else. i was wondering if there is anything i could do at all? she has also sweared at me many times...all also on camera.

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No,it isn't necessary or wise to call the police because your co-worker is sweeping dust on you and swearing at you. This is a problem for the boss to handle and if he chooses not to, you may want to find a different job, or ask to be assigned to a different shift, or tough it out until one of you is no longer working there. The law simply does not provide a meaningful remedy for every problem in life and this is one that will need to be solved somewhere other than a courtroom.

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