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Should i call Child Services or the police? or both?? What will happen to the house and my family if i do call?

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Im 21 i moved back in the hell hole i call home. My brothers are both 19 and i have a brother and sister who are 8 and 7. My mom is on disables and gets paid and she has a muscle problem so is on pain meds. She gives my 19 yr old brothers pills so they can constantly be f*ck'd up. They smoke, and she drinks at night. the house is a mess, month old food in the fridge., ect. its nasty like a hoarders house. My mom has a friend who brings more pills like xanax and she gets my brother high on pills to the point they'll collaspe in a corner and, become immobile. my little brother and sister dont need to be around this at all. The house is completely paid for, she inherited it. so if i call what will happen to the house, my mom and brothers? Will i get the house? im clean i dont do any of it.

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No one can say with any certainty what will happen if you get the authorities involved, but I believe you have a moral obligation to act to protect your younger siblings and, in so doing, you will probably help your older brothers and your mother as well. Call the police and explain the situation and they will then call social services and the process will start. In the short term, the younger children will probably be removed from the home while the situation is investigated. The title to the house will probably not be affected by the call to the police and the social services investigation, although that could depend on the extent of and type of criminal activities taking place in the house.

By submitting this question, I suspect that you already know what you should do and I hope you can follow through and contact the authorities. Good luck.



to the asker: I hope you called the police and CPS three months ago. Don't worry about the house and what happens to it right now. Your whole focus should be in getting help for all your siblings. Your mother is really sick and the way that she is treating all of you is unacceptable. I am a mother myself, but I have told my kids over and over again that if somebody does something to them they have to get help. To continue to ask for help until somebody listens. Somebody will eventually... Be the hero in your family. Get your siblings the help they need. All of them. The two oldest are victims too. Help them to be survivors. You are more than welcome to email me if you want to and I can see if I can help somehow, but I don't know if you will see this. I hope you do and I hope your siblings are already in safety. Be their hero.

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