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Should I be worried that the no contact order will not be dropped?

Bremerton, WA |

My husband goes to court on Oct 23 to try to get it drop. I have gone though anger management treatment and DV parenting classes. It will be 2months and 2 weeks on oct 23 scent the ensends happen bettween us. This is the first time I have been in trouble with the law. Right now the no-contact order is set for 2yrs bye the courts but We both want it drop. This is from a DV case.

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There are a lot of factors a Court will consider when making the decision to remove a no contact order. What is the history of the defendant? What was the alleged conduct? What are the wishes of the victim? You seem to have a few things going for you.

First, you have taken action. You can show the court that you have taken steps towards preventing this from happening again.

Second, you have no previous criminal history from what you said.

Third, there has been a "cooling off" period. Generally, courts like to see at least 30 days pass before they will consider recalling a no contact order.

Finally, you have a victim who does not want the order, and may tell the court he has no safety concerns if the order were to be recalled.

There is never a guarantee that a no contact order will be removed. It is discretionary. No contact order violations can happen very easily, and are taken seriously by the Court. The third one can be charged as a felony in Washington. I would recommend that you have you an attorney there to advocate for you.

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