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Should I be concerned? I feel I am being ripped off by Monitech.

Hubert, NC |

I have to have the breathalyzer for 3 years and have less than a year left before it comes off. I have had no problems until recently when the DMV changed the calibration on the interlock systems. Since then I have had multiple fails all while either leaving for work or leaving work to come home. The system will pass me initially, then fail me on a rolling test, then turn around and pass me again on the off-test...anytime that happens 3 times you have to pay $35 for an override code. I feel I am being ripped off because I am not drinking, have no air fresheners in the car, and don't wear perfume anymore due to the calibration levels. I don't know what could be setting it off and I am scared of having consequences for a machine messing up on me!

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Of course you are getting ripped off that's part of the punishment for being convicted of a DWI. You don't think an interlock device really keeps anyone from driving while impaired, do you? Your best bet is to take your car in and see if they will replace the unit for you.

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It is unfortunate, but the machine is just not accurate enough. It would be a good idea to keep a log of the malfunctions. I handle many interlock violations, and my clients will often swear that the log that the Company provides to the DMV does not match the problems that they had with the machine. If you are using the QT-1 you should take it in and ask for the QT-1L. If you are still on the LJ-1 you definitely should replace the device.


Do you carry water with you so that you can rinse your mouth before blowing? That more than anything will solve most of the fails. If you are able to upgrade you should do so. There is a reason that there are upgrade machines. No machine is fail proof.

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