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Should I apply for Medicare after I've been approved for Social Security benefits?

Cleveland, OH |

I've been approved for Social Security benefits recently. Should I apply for Medicare as well or is it automatic?


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If you were awarded SSDI benefits, Medicare starts 24 months after the date of your first month of benefit eligibility. So, if you were found disabled 2 years ago, after your 5 month waiting period you get paid for 19 months. That means you have 5 more months to wait before Medicare starts.

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In addition to Attorney Farrell's terrific explanation I would just add that yes, you should go ahead and apply for Medicare - they will tell you if you are eligible or not. It is never automatic - even when you turn 65 if you do not apply within three months of your 65th birthday you are subject to all sorts of higher costs and exclusions - so do not delay. You can apply for it online at

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I will add 1 more point to the discussion. I have client's ask me why they should apply because they still have private insurance. I always tell them to take medicare as soon as you are eligible. The deductible is taking directly from your benefit and if something should happen in the future (job lose of spouse, divorce, or death of spouse)and you lose your insurance, medicare is already in place to back you up.

In addition, with private insurance and medicare, you may reduce your overall medical costs by having a secondary insurance

Health care is very important for the someone with disabilities and making sure you maintain access to care, no matter what happens in the future should be a priority..

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