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Should I appeal the denial notice on my N-400?

Peabody, MA |

I got a denial notice for my N-400. I filed under 319-a. They denied me for a few reasons. One reason was because I did not tell them I had four children before my N-400. I had listed two on my 485 and three on my 751. I did not list them because they were living in my home country and were over 21. They denied me based on lack of good moral character and claimed my affidavit was insufficient. They also denied me on my 319-a application saying I did not establish the burden of proof for my marriage since I could not get my husband's first wife's name for the application. I told them he would not tell me. They also said I did not respond with all the evidence requested, such as my passports since I could not remember my travel dates. I did bring them in at a later date. What am I to do?

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Well nearly all of that sounds fairly irrelevant but the travel dates. If you didn't respond to the RFE in a timely manner you may be better off re-filing. Hire a lawyer this time.

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I would need to review the full denial as well as the applications and supporting evidence to answer your question. I typically advise clients to challenge denials based upon good moral character.I encourage you to contact an experienced immigration attorney for a thorough assessment.


This is why you consult with and hire an attorney the first time around. An attorney could have advised you of consequences of not filling out the application correctly.
Consult with an attorney asap and hire one this time around.

Good luck

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