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Should I answer yes or no for "Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime... on DS160 form?

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I'm a student on f1 visa. I had a car accident it was my fault. I got a ticket for careless driving and paid $190. I didn't go to court because I paid my ticket in full before the court date. I'm going to my country for summer break and need to renew my visa. I know it was not an arrest but on my ticket it says number of offenses 1. Also I checked my driving record on website and there it says Offense date and shows a date when the ticket was issued and Conviction date- shows the date my court was supposed to be. Also it says Offense/Action - careless driving. I paid everything before the court date so I didn't have to go there. What should I answer in ds 160 for that question?

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That does not seem to be a crime. So I would answer NO


I do not believe a minor traffic offense is required to be disclosed. At the same time, even if you did list it, I would be quite surprised if it had any negative effects on your application...just be sure to give a full explanation of it so the person reviewing your application will understand it was a minor traffic offense.


Even if it is not a crime, which it appears it is not, disclosure is the more prudent way to proceed. Traffic violation will not result in a denial in and of itself.

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