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Should i agree to a proffer agreement on federal conspiracy to deliver meth. charges?

Holland, MI |

i have been charged and sentenced for the original charge of attempted possession of meth. on my way out of court that day i was arrested by u.s. marshalls for new charge of conspir. to deliver meth. because the cops kept a cell phone i was using and are using the text messages against me, although the phone was not mine nor was the hotel room i was arrested in. now the feds want me to do a proffer agreement . they say its the only way to possibly get the 5yr. sentence reduced?

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The world of federal court is complicated and dealing with the federal authorities is tricky and dangerous. You should not be making a proffer without counsel. If you cannot afford an attorney the court will appoint one for you. The attorneys appointed in federal courts are carefully screened, experienced, and very capable.


You do not need general online Internet guidance--you need your own lawyer, familiar with ALL the facts in your case, your priors, the prosecutors--use your appointed attorney

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I agree with what the other lawyers said. You need to get a good attorney who practices law in federal courts. Do not deal with this by yourself, please feel free to contact me at 616-929-3199 if you have any questions.


My suggestion-get a lawyer and let the lawyer talk to the feds. This is serious. Stop trying to handle this on your own. Tell them you will talk only with a lawyer present. If you cannot afford one, ask to get one appointed ASAP.