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Should I (teacher) send a cease and desist to a parent with an agenda that is slandering my name with no cause?

Friendswood, TX |

Parent belong to groups that believe a TX curriculum tool called CSCOPE is anti Christian and anti American. He claims with no proof that I am a rogue teacher who is a communist and that I am teaching my values to the kids. I am a fifth grade teacher that never talks about religion and only cover early colonial life in my social studies class. He has met with all my administrators, we have provided opportunity to meet with the teachers and provided him all of the lesson plans, printing.

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Sounds like a plan. Seek the aid of a local personal injury attorney who handles defamation cases if you want to truly protect your rights and/or if the issues continue. Good luck.

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Yes. But have it sent by a teacher. You may want to give your Principal the heads' up about what you are going to do, as a matter of politics and diplomacy, since he/she would find out about it eventually, anyway. I would note that calling you a "rogue teacher" without stating facts which he believes proves you to be such, and even calling you a "communist", by themselves may not necessarily constitute defamation (although in Texas they can be "fighting words") vs. just an unfounded opinion - as unflattering as that may be. Furthermore, unless the school is goint to terminate you or otherwise adversely affect your job, because of thos monikors, you could have a hard time proving the type of economic damages sufficient to make a defamation suit worth the time and money to prosecute. Good Luck.


Great advice from Attorney Schwimmer. Get the letter out ASAP.

Good luck.

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Let your school resolve this for you.