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Should court notify you if you have a warrant?

South Amboy, NJ |

I got a ticket on june 24th. i was not required to go to court for the ticket. fell behind on bills and finally paid the $65 for my ticket on august 7th. On august 26th I got a letter in the mail from the court, along with the money order i sent to them. It said that they cannot accept my money order because I have a warrant for my arrest. A few days prior to getting this letter, I called the court clerk and asked if they recieved my payment, and asked if I had a warrant, they said that they got my payment and that I DO NOT have a warrant. I am a bit confused!

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If they are telling you that they have a warrant, it needs to be addressed before you can resolve the ticket. Call the Court and see if you need to post bail to get the warrant resolved, and then get a new Court date. When you call the Court ask if they notified the MVC. If they did, you will need to see if your DL was suspended for failing to show up in Court. If it was, DO NOT DRIVE until you get the DL restored by the MVC, or you could get ticketed for being on the Revoked/Suspended list. Good luck.

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