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Should a petition be signed if a company closes with no notice and employees feel like they should of been notified?

Key West, FL |

hello i work for a hotel in key west,Fl there are three hotels and there was a city counsel meeting and they have not said anything about the hotels. The hotels should be going under renovation but nobody knows really whats going on. There was a fourth hotel and it was closed with no notice due to a violation of the health department and the company had contractors with no license. If they close the rest of the hotels it's 800 employees loosing jobs. I wanted to know the best action to take if they close down these hotels because there are many people that would not be able to provide for themselves or their family members.

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No easy legal answers. Those that lost jobs and have unemployment compensation entitlement can file for those benefits. A petition filed with whom and about what? The owner sounds like they had no choice but to close with violations pending. No one can be forced to open their business. Good luck to all of you. Sorry.

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