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Should a home owner who knows that you will be exposed to LEAD paint when he hires you to do work on his home tell you?

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I was hired to pre and paint the exterior of a house.I pressuer washed and stared scapping and sanding off the old paint. After svereal days of working I stared feeling sick.I started thinking this may be LEAD paint,I went to Home Depto and got a test kit. Sure enought it was LEAD paint. I spoke with the home owner He said he knew i was LEAD paint. I then explained to his that there are state & fed laws to follow when doing LEAD paint removal.The next day he called me to release me from doing the job and has refused to pay me, I'm calling my doctor today to get blood work done. Do i have a case.

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yes, you might have a valid case if you have a problem. hope that you do not. if you do have lead poisoning or some other related ailment, promptly contact a reputable GA lawyer in your area. word of mouth is the best source to find a lawyer. also GA would have a trial lawyers association which would keep a list. in addition, the local county bar assoc probably has a referral list. billboards and phonebook ads should be the last source. good luck and i hope you are well.


You may well have a claim under a Georgia Statute - O.C.G.A 31-41-1 and the statutes that follow. You should consult with a personal injury attorney here in Georgia to determine if you indeed have a case. Please remember that I do not normally monitor these questions after I have posted a reply but feel free to contact me as indicated below.

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You may well have a claim. However, I think you need to confirm that you have been poisoned by lead. I am not aware of lead poisoning symptoms that would occur as quickly as you describe, unless perhaps you received a massive dose of lead, which seems a bit improbable if you are only power washing the building and not sanding it etc.You need to confirm the reasons for your sickness and you would have to show that it was the nondisclosure of the lead paint which led to your problems.If your sickness is related to lead poisoning, I suggest you retain a personal injury attorney to pursue this claim for you and not try and bring this forward on your own.

You are entitled to be paid for the work that you performed. If it is a significant amount, you may wish to file suit for breach of your contract .

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