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Should a coworker be fired for harassing another if their are rules in place covering social media and harassment?

Conway, AR |

doesn't continually employing a harasser make for a hostile & more stressful environment? a guy i worked with, started openly asking about personal issues of my own on floor of call center during business. later while we were all leaving work, same guy had hood up and i asked if someone needed a jump... he snarls at me. i said never mind then, & got in my SUV. same guy follows me, weaving in & out of traffic, cutting people off on highway & finally throws a dense object at my windshield while trying to elude him. i made a police report. 7 hours later, he messages me on FB (not friends with him/don't even know him) then posts degrading comments about me while sharing a link about me from 2011. on another profile of his he says he works for this co. & makes another statement about the issue

he then proceeds to taunt me at work. he walked by me one day at lunch and then proceeded straight to my car. i stopped and turned around to make sure that nothing was doen to my car. as i stand there watching he turns around as he is right next to my vehicle and then does a double take and stares at me. i stay there until he walkes away from my car. i then go inside and head out to the patio to make sure he doesnt do anything on his way back in the office. another time he walked past my vehicle while i was still in it, along with another coworker. after walking past, he turned around and stared at us in the car. then finally went inside the building. more detailed info can be emailed.

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Rudeness has no legal remedy.

Here are some legal theories for wrongful termination.



The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protects employees forty years of age or older against discriminatory firing based on age.



The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects the qualified employee from wrongful workplace termination. An employee that has a physical or medical impairment is protected under the ADA.



Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination and wrongful termination based on gender, pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions.



Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits discriminatory firing at the workplace because of an employee's religion, ancestry, or accent.



The Civil Rights Act, Title VII, prohibits workplace discrimination and wrongful termination based on race, perceived race, or marriage to someone of a particular race.