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Should a person who is receiving SSI (Social Security) be allowed to receive food stamps (SNAP)?

Atlanta, GA |

I have a friend who is currently on Social Security and she has a child. My friend has applied on several occasions to the Department of Human Services and has been denied due to her income. The amount of money that she receive is barely enough to cover basic needs such as rent, utilities, child care and so forth. What course of action can she take in order to receive additional help?

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I agree with my colleague's assessment, and unfortunately earnings in excess of the limits will preclude a person from the program. With that said, the number of folks in the household will change the limit. Here is the income information for Georgia.

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In general, yes, a person who is receiving SSI may receive food stamps. The issue here may be (a) your friend is receiving SSD (or other Title II benefit) or (b) your state's food stamp eligibility requirement puts her over the limits. Many people who are receiving SSI benefits are at basic subsistence level if that, and unfortunately different requirements for different need-based programs often slip through the cracks of eligibility.



Thanks for the response. I understand that each state has different eligibility requirements but is there anyway for her to counter act these decisions or denials or should she keep applying for assistance? Would that be consider being pointless?

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