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Short term disability insurance company

Monroeville, AL |

Just to be curious, I had a illness on the job cause from a spider bite to my lower leg and all most lost my leg. I Had short term disability insurance with Alfa insurance, I was out of works for 7 weeks to recover. I filed the claim three days after my accident. After six months of resolving the issues, in the contract in small black letters was the words not cover under insects bites. The insurance company wiggle out of this one, and I taking the lost. Is this legal.

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In these types of situations, the terms of the insurance contract will govern whether the company has to pay for the loss. There are some exceptions, for instance, if the contract is "illusory." In other words, when all the sections are read together, the contract doesn't really cover anything. You need to carefully review all contract language to determine what is covered. If the typeface of the insect bite exception is smaller than all the other typeface, you may have some argument. However, generally speaking, if the contract you signed indicated that disabilities caused by insect bites are not covered, then disability caused by an insect bite will not be covered.


It is legal for a policy to exclude certain types of injuries. There may be some opportunities to make a claim against the policy anyway. Consult a local employee benefits lawyer about your case.