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Shoplifting Plead Guilty, First Offense

Bayville, NJ |

In October I was caught shoplifting $114 of merchandise from Macy's. The cops came but I was not arrested. I went to court, and plead guilty. I received a fine and 60 hours community service. This was my first offense ever, will it be on y record?

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Yes. You should try to set aside your plea and sentence. Hire an attorney in your area.

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Ordinarily, shoplifitng is a disorderly persons offense if the amount stolen is retail under $200.00, as it is here. If this was plead to a lesser charge, such as a city ordinance, it will still remain on your record. You have not been convicted of a felony on a first offense.

If you wish to expunge this charge, or remove it from your record, you have to wait a period of time based on what you plead to. Disorderly person offense is five years and city ordinance is two years. You can expunge your record with the assistance of a criminal defense attorney.

The maximum penalty for a disorderly persons offense is 6 months in jail and $1,000.00 fine. You were fortunate being able to plea and not recieve jail time. Hope this has been helpful.

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I agree with my colleagues that you should talk to an attorney about reopening your case and exploring your options. If that fails, most states allow expungement of low level convictions after the passage of a certain time and satisfaction of certain conditions. The lawyer you talk to can explain if that is an option. Good luck.

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Yes. It will be on your record and you should reopen the case with an attorney.

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Yews both the arrest and conviction are on your record. You can expunge 5 years after you finish the community service.


Yes. If you went to court and pled guilty you have a conviction for shoplifting on your record. If you are not convicted of any other offenses, you will be able to expunge the arrest and conviction in five years.