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Shoplifting at Publix

Atlanta, GA |

I got caught shoplifting at publix. The security there made
me to sign some trespass papers and got my information. I
did a very bad first mistake. They told me that this papers
are just for publix and they will not share it with
aniother party under no circumstances. They also told me
that I cannot shop at any publix for the next 5 years. I'm
worried as to what exactly does this mean? will there be
any record of this? The identity card with me was my school
card. Will they share this information with my school? I
felt that they were trying to scare me a lot but they
realized that this was a silly mistake. They kept saying
that I could have gone to jail. I don't have a car and need
to do my shoppings at the publix nearby? Will they stop me
going to any other publi

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Attorney answers 1


Most likely you have been given a criminal trespass warning under OCGA 16-7-1. If you violate this warning at this particular store you stand the real possibility of being arrested for criminal trespass. I encourage you to shop at a different store