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I am so embarrased posting this i got stoped outside kohls by security telling me they wanted there merchandise back so i went into the store coaporatively with no force they said i hadnt paid for some chocolates my son was eating in the fitting room they found tags they claimed were mine but i.did not take any clothes so my question is this is my second offence in 2003 they accused me of petty theft acomplice which i had nothing to do and now this the officer gave me a ticket with a court date on it since this 2003 incident happend and now this second offce what is going to happen in court IMIM scared cause it was just some chocolates my son opened and ate and i didnt pay for it and some tags they found in the fitting room that had all other stuff before i went in there

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Get an attorney....if your son did this they may not have charged the right person unless they think you were an accomplice.

If you did not have the items on you there is not much evidence except the chocolates. Get an attorney now...

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Yes I would definitely advise you to consult with and retain an attorney before the court date that is listed on your ticket, especially because you have a prior theft conviction from 2003. Do not post any more facts on this website because it is not private and tell the details to an attorney. good luck.


Get an attorney! Which court in San Bernardino County?

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