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Shoplifting .

Salinas, CA |

If I don't pay the civil demand letter from Ronald Halpern Esq. will the take me to small claims court ? And if they do will I end up paying more than the $250 I owe them. I'm kind of scared because they called me and asked for the money I told them I couldn't pay it all if full and they said 30$ a month . But to be honest I find it ridiculous I already have paid all this money to the courts and the store had received the one small item back in perfect condition. So will this effect my credit, since I already made somewhat of an agreement with them?

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Attorney answers 2


Never pay one of these civil demand letters. It won't affect whether you will be prosecuted or not.


You posted this already, I think, but regardless, my advice, is to call their bluff and not pay it, I don't see them filing suit.