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Shopko Loss and Prevention compensation?

Hartford, WI |

Last week I was stopped at Shopko for stealing two headbands, two sports bras, and a pair of earrings. All adding up to less than $50. The police were called and I was given a citation for violating an ordinance. In addition to this $120.99 citation I was told I will be getting a civil demand letter. How much will i have to pay the Shopko Loss and Prevention people? If i get ticket i dont understand why i wouldnt have to pay them also. Im only 16 if that matters at ll.

please help me!

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You may or may not get a demand letter from Shopko. Shopko may be entitled to recover from you the costs of recapturing assets, restocking, etc.; however, the cost shouldn't be that much, and the fact that you are underage may prevent them from doing so.

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