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She told the school counselor that im stalking her .... What can happen

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We used to be friends and something happened. Ive been trying to communicate with her for a year she never respond to my message now she talked to the school counselor and made it seem that Im bothering her. She also insinuating that I'm lesbian and try to get her ....i just have tried to communicate her via email like facebook ... Im scare bc they may charge me with stalking specially thats shes 16 and im 21 ..... She talked to the school counselor and told that my friend know me and I sent her a gift with her and she didnt accepted it that go to the same school with her. What could happen?

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I don't think this is a child abuse issue, but conceivably you could be charged with harrassment. I think you should stop all your efforts at contacting this person because she has made it clear she doesn't want to communicate with you. Why try to talk to someone or be friendly with them when they aren't returning that favor? You are the adult in this situation. Move on and block her from your FB and list her email as spam. Take up activities that interest you and make new friends. Good luck.


Your best bet is to completely avoid this person, online and in the real world. Just stay away from her and do not contact her in any manner.
By being smart, you can avoid legal problems.

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Stay away from her, do not talk, write or communicate with her. Contact a criminal defense or Family law attorney right away.

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By using the social media, an electronic device, you may become liable for Aggravated Harassment, a misdemeanor. You admit that you have been trying to communicate for a year with no postiive response by email. While you do not mention if she has advised you to leave her alone, she has certainly made it clear to others and you are aware of it. Your unusual and unreciprocated interest in this person may be considered suspect, especially given the age difference, and the alarms are sounding. You can see where this is going.

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