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Sexual misconduct at work.

Ogdensburg, NY |

My spouse goes to work envolves her self checking out smut people think their cute showing off at work on their camera phones, Discusting sex talk and sharing of dirty jokes on computers at work and other ignorant things going on. Which has caused major issues in our relationship and family life with our kids. Do all that ignorant stuff with friends at work and tell me i have no right or say as to what she does with friends and comes home and is hateul and ignorant towards me and our kids and can't be bothered with us, So we get neglected as she only has time for friends doing things she shouldn't be doing at work in the first place. Isn't their specific rules set forth for sexual misconduct for people who work at psychiatric centers,nursing homes and places working with patients.

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Attorney answers 1


It is not appropriate to discuss private sexual matters at any work place, but from the sound of your question, you probably need a marriage counselor more than an attorney.