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Sexual assault/ assualt / battery

Los Angeles, CA |

I was with a woman 6 months , we had a rocky relationship, she claimed she was tired of us getting together going back and forth, she send me 2 emails stating she was going to fix it to where it be impossible for us to get back together again and to piss me off for good. prior to that she and i horse played as she mentioned on a email of us pinching each other and that it us horse play got out of hand since i pinched her back and she developed bruises. i left her for being so rough with me. i came back 2 days later , stood with her til the third day we fell asleep as i woke up she was gone from her apartment, when she came back , she said to leave her house , cause i had raped her. 3 days later she when to the hospital got a police report used the bruises from prior for sexual asault

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First of all DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE. They may contact you, saying they just want to get your side of the story. You aren't going to convince then she's lying; by the time they take the time to contact you, they already think you're guilty. Remember this phrase -- tattoo it on your wrist if you have to.

"Officer, I respectfully decline to answer any questions. I would like to have an attorney present whenever I speak to you."

No matter what they say, do not say anything else. Remember, cops can lie to you and it's considered good police work, but if they catch you in any inconsistent statements, the prosecutor will use it to prove you were guilty and tried to cover it up. For instance. they may say they don't plan to arrest you, just so they can talk to you without reading your rights, then arrest you anyway.


You need a lawyer. If you can't afford one, the judge will appoint the public defender at your first court appearance. The email where she said she was going to get you in trouble may help, so make sure you tell your lawyer about it.