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Sex offender father.

Las Vegas, NV |

I have a three year old little girl and I have been seperated from her father for two years. Recently I found out he is a registered sex offender, and is in lifetime probation. Not only that but his other daughter who is 3 months younger than my daughter is receiving child support but he doesn't visit her because shes in a different state. I haven't received any type of support from him and he doesn't visit her ever. I have finally filed for child support and of coarse being who he is hes denying she is his. So I took her down for dna and hes on file. The results haven't come back yet but hes now saying hes going to try and get full custody. My question is with his past is he able to take my daughter from me? And how long does it take to start receiving payments after dna has been est?

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He has no chance of taking custody from you, and is using that to scare you off of collecting child support. If he really wants to be a father to this child, he will have to jump through many hoops. First, he has to file a custody case (which is separate from a child support action). Then he will likely get supervised visits which he will have to do for quite some time. Whether or not he is ever able to progresses to unsupervised visits will depend on the nature of the offense that put him on the registry and lifetime probation (which indicates a serious offense). If he files custody papers, you need to at least consult with an attorney, and should hire one if you are able.

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Ms. Whitbeck's advise is very sound. I just want to add that you may not have to worry about the DNA test results if he is on the birth certificate of the child.